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Digital Marketing, Designer and Website Developer.

Mohamed Hazem

About Me

My Name is Mohamed Hazem, I graduated from UCSI University in 2023, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and obtained a Higher National Diploma from Pearson in Computing in 2020.

I always look forward to improving my capabilities, learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others, and helping those who need me, whether in work or otherwise, and I look forward to working with companies and people that value the time and service we provide.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

My Experience

Social Media Specialist, Designer(Social Media Posters, Visual Identity, Prints Design, User Interface Design) and Web Development.


Social Media Specialist

I worked in the social media management department of the Apostrophe Education Academy in Istanbul.


Website Developer

I worked as a freelancer Website Developer. mohazem.online


Freelance Designer

I worked as a freelancer designer to design brand identity and corporate profile design.

My Education

I obtained a Higher National Diploma in Computing in 2020 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from UCSI University in 2023.


Bachelor of Computer Science

I graduated of the University of UCSI and holds a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2023.


Higher National Diploma

Higher National Diploma in Computing from Pearson “BTEC” in 2020.

Relevant Courses

Digital Marketing

Advertising Designs

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop​

Front-End Develop

Information Security

التسويق الرقمي

I am interested in digital marketing, graphic design and website development, and I am trying to develop myself and my business in these areas. Plus the interest in search engine optimization as search listings is always appreciated, which helps me spread out.